10 of the best “Underground Cartoonists” (than inspire me)

So many people ask me who inspires my creative and inventive art (not really) but I’ll tell you any ways. This is a list of some of my favorite imaginative artists. (Not in any particular order:)

1. Gary Baseman http://garybaseman.com/


The strange and surreal world of GB has always inspired and amazed me.

2. Basil Wolverton http://www.wolvertoon.com/basilmain.html

Beautiful Triplets Award Goes To…

I remember the first time I flipped to a Basil Wolverton illustration in a Mad magazine. I starred at it transfixed for a very long time. I still flip it open occasionally and drool.

3. Buff Monster http://www.buffmonster.com/

I Scream for Ice Cream!

The awesome street art of Buff Monster inspires much of my line work. P.S. I love his dunny’s!

4. Alex Pardee (Bunnywith) http://bunnywith.snafu-comics.com/

In an alternate comic book universe.

I love how Alex took one character to perfection and flushed it out with tons of funny and creative ideas.

5. Tiki Tony http://www.tikitony.com/shop.html

You know I’m cute…and drunk!

Tiki Tony is my favorite tiki artist. He also draws on shoes. Nuff’ said!

6. Becca Rocks http://beccasbombshells.tumblr.com/

Now those ticket prices seem worth it!

Becca has perfected the art of Pin-Up.

7. Marc Hansen (Ralph Snart) http://www.marchansenstuff.com/

Ralph Snart ruined my childhood innocence.

8. El Gato Gomez http://www.elgatogomezarts.com/

I tan better in the moonlight.

El Gato is one of my favorite artists. She pumps out an endless supply of awesome retro paintings. My wife and I would like to own them all!

9. Mark Ryden http://www.markryden.com/

This seems totally normal to me.

Probably one of the most famous people on this list and not strictly a cartoonist, but he still inspires much of my surrealisttendencies.

10. Guillaumit http://guillaumit.tumblr.com/

My Cartoon Life…

Artist for Gangpol and Mit, and all around french guy. His characters and creativity blow my mind. I could lose a whole day watching his music videos.

Thanks for reading my post. Please comment and let me know about any other artists you think I should look into!

Author: Sean Smith www.deathbycartoon.com

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