Aches have been torn
Pity has burned
Empathy is just an insect
Dying to be crushed

He would like to see you
He would ache to have you
Inside his head
his personalities collide
As she sings

Killing me slowly
Killing me softly
But without pain

Inside a depression I hide
Away from her touch
It burns my skin
As it burns my love

It’s not a view
It’s not unknown
Soft lights trickle like streams
As her words drip into my dreams
Is it true? Are you afraid?
As I talk to you, and hold your hands
As the flames dance around us
In this crazy wasteland

Poem is mine. Image is not.


2 thoughts on “Afterglow

  1. Whoa– Guess we were on the same wavelength today– I just returned home after a couple of days and posted a piece of art titled ‘Afterglow,’ then discovered your great poem with the same title. Very cool! Have a great one over there, take care!


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