Kailani’s First Halloween

My wife and my puppy girl!

The Adventures of Kailani


First of all I must say that Halloween is the worst holiday for puppies and dogs that get stressed and go crazy over hearing the doorbell! What’s even worse is that if Kailani hears a doorbell on the TV she thinks it’s ours and goes nuts! She barks and gets all stressed out that somebody is invading our home…poor baby! Do you have any idea just how many doorbells go off during Halloween shows and movies on TV? Too many! J So we thought we’d go to see the new Downtown Summerlin here in Vegas during the peak trick or treat times to avoid her any undue stress. It turned out to be not the best idea. It was loud. I don’t know if the D.J. was deaf or their sound system was suck on 11, but we could hardly hear each other talk. What were they thinking? The place…

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