She comes in moods
All dressed in Black
Embraced by the future, burned by the past

But nostalgia’s grip has sent me fleeing into solitude
Where destructive regression is my only truth

Black sand beaches
Dark sky’s that lurk overhead
Into the cold grey ocean she leads me
and takes my hand
Drowns me in waves, I shout out all that I hear
Drowning in waves, I shout out all that I fear

Succumb by a fervent memory
Tormented by the girl I’ve never known
but always seen,
seen dancing in opium dreams

Shadows melting in the snow
and in my mind when I close my eyes
She is all I can hear
and grey is the color of her voice
and cold is the feeling of her tears

A song sang by the wind
and whispered in my ear
like her prayer
and a sunken heart, broken by fear

I can’t lose her, she is my dream
and my existence
Her hands glide over my aching head
as she floats over me, asleep in bed

She’s always watching me
and running away from me
And my soul sweats when she is near
She is my destiny
She is Valium and champagne
She’s a vision of a better day

Aggravated but so relaxed
Interrupted by my thoughts
But when she stepped into my life
She brought her demons too
Now I’ve slipped into that place
from there there’s no escape
nothing left to eradicate

I’ve nothing left
I have only her breath
I cannot believe this feeling
A dreamlike delusion in the abode of the dead
turned into an exploding star

I’ve nothing left
I have only her breath

Poem is mine. Image is not.

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