I could never justify complaining about my life…

…but I work a lot. It’s my lot in life, but for the most part it has brought me fulfillment and happiness as well as the ability to pay my bills.

The thing is I am a very creative person with a strong love and need to create. Music, art or poetry, it’s all the same to me, a creative outlet.

The problem is when you work 60+ hours a week and have a family, there is very little ME time. This is one reason why I don’t write long blog posts or comment on the blogs I follow as much as I’d like to.

It especially frustrates me when I find a great video like this one that make me want to actually practice my craft/crafts, but I will have to wait until I have more time. I really dislike waiting. I’m a more seize the day kind of guy but I have a finite amount of time or energy.

In the interim, I guess I’ll just watch a ton of tutorials and hope some of it sticks.

Want to compose a song? Duane Denison is here to help (part 2)


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