What I’m Listening To (or Watching) or Reading (or Playing) or Eating

Now that the end of the year is looming, my workload becomes expansive. Time for art, poetry, anarchy…becomes non-existent…and blogging? Forget-a-bout-it…

Anyway, I do still make sure to rest and entertain myself, so here is a little taste of what I have been enjoying.

If you are familiar with Elysian Fields (New York Band), you might know of this guy…I was also lucky enough to chat with him for a bit on FB.


This album is so good I had to buy it.

Do you like movie music? If you do, here is a round-table of some of my favorites ( Danny Elfman, Trent Reznor) talking bout the biz…


So I also have a great friend/customer who has become a published author. She writes some pretty steamy erotica and it’s been an enjoyable read :P…

Running Away to Home (Swept Away Book 1)

In my spare time I picked up a game on Amazon that I had torrented awhile back. It’s a fun shooter based on the graphic novel The Darkness. It’s fun and twisted with a great storyline…

The Darkness II – PC

My wife came across a great vegan Alfredo recipe that we enjoyed for Christmas dinner…


Here’s how it turned out…

I ate a bit more than this!

Well thanks for letting me share 🙂

Happy New Year Everyone!!


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