A Song About Murder (A Moment Captured)

The pool of blood smelled of curious thoughts
The still warm body contorted
Death screamed vengeance
A girl had put end to a guy with the bright edge of a knife
She stood against the wall staring into empty feelings
Her legs were long and white and shook uncontrollably
I scribbled notes in burning graphite
Bright lights from cameras flashed like dying suns screaming
I watched her tears mix with the red spots of death splattered on her face
I saw her ghost fighting to take control
Her eyes lasered me from across the room and caught me looking
I dropped my glance and wrote something invisible
I stood carved from stone
My nerve endings fired as my brain told me to move
I felt time slip and ebb, flow and melt
My heartbeat edged me in my ribs
Somebody spitting the residue of an undigested lunch outside
I glanced again as I approached her, my body whispering with desire
Her eyes blazed violent blue

(A moment captured: A detective falling in love with a murder suspect at the crime scene.)

Poem is mine. Image is not.

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