Waking Dreams

You crept into my waking dreams
It’s not as subtle as it seems
The growing feelings falling from ceilings
You know it’s true
Were only human beings

Maybe it was witchcraft
That sent me out into the ocean on this rickety raft
Feeling unstable
But I’ll let you know when I am able
To let this go
It’s not fair to either one of us you know

I forgot how I was supposed to act
What’s my line?
You do nothing but cover my sky with clouds
They do nothing but threaten lack of sunshine

I can see the shadows from the (trees)
Can you believe they feel the need
To (leave) me
(Rooted) in the things
That living beings
Need (knot) to be

I was sure I might have been followed
You stuck the knife in but I was previously hollowed
You can’t destroy what no longer exists
I thought that was true but the reality of it has me pissed
It seems there are some things that can continue taking pain
Just as it’s healed up – we do it all again

That’s what you know
I’m hidden on this side of things
Maybe you don’t know my face
You won’t get to know the misery it brings

I’m over here losing my mind
I know what they’ll find
When they break down my door
The poetry came easy after what came before…

Poem is mine. Image is not.

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