I’ll Be Outside

I keep asking you for sanctuary
Hoping for something you cannot give me
I’ll be outside
Under starlight
In rhythm with the suns
That are burning for other universes
Can’t you burn for me
I’ll be outside
Can’t you be with me

I keep asking for some peace
Dreaming of something you won’t give me
Under the night sky
You just flew bye
In the moons eye
I just waved bye
It wasn’t a secret
That I could not forget
Never could I regret
That we met

I’ll be outside
In case you decide
That I can divide
Part of me
Can be on your side
The rest of me
Will reside

I’ll be outside
Counting the stars
And the planets
Black Holes
Galaxies turning in circles
I’ll be outside
Pushing my soul
Out through the holes
I’ll be outside
Acting the fool
Swimming in deep space
Escaping this place

The astronomical pull
Of things universal
Feet off the ground
In space there’s no sound
The air feels cold
The heavens unfold
I’m swimming in deep space
Escaping this place

I’ll be outside
Swimming in deep space
I’ll be waiting for you
Just in case

Poem is mine. Image is not.

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