Death Stance

Watch them marching in

Angry men in charcoal suits
Angry men with bitter smiles
Empty words in blank spaces
Angry men with fallen faces

Succumb to subservience
Shiny keyboards for broken hands
Read the book now
Instructions for the Death Stance

Feet out of the window
Look down at the sky beneath you
Feel the moment as it starts to grow
Wave goodbye
See you
Why’d you even try

The system is crashing
But you keep pushing buttons
Fuck the system
Or buy a mouth gag
They’re gonna take whatever you give them
This whole thing is such a drag

Watch them marching in

Angry fucking men

Angry men with broken souls
Angry men with endless goals
Sit on time with hands in cuffs
The emptiness in real
They’ll never get enough

Tie the knot that chokes society
Lay down and kiss the feet of your deity
Lick the shit right off the dollar
Tighten the buckle on your collar

And get ready to learn
The Death Stance

First grab the shiny toy
This whole thing has been a ploy
The trigger was within you
The whole time
Pull it
And fly

And good riddance

Poem is mine. Image is from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.


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