It’s All In My Mind

As many times as I succeed to convince myself that it’s all in my mind
Her words move me again and I know we’re two of a kind
So many things I would change if I could only rewind
But I’d do it all again just to see how many secrets I could find

To watch my feelings multiply
Like tentacles writhing outside my mind
When I see you I think that I can fly
How can you not see, you might be blind

As sleep sets in I put thoughts of you behind
But the dreams, they come, and they remind
I think my nights just might be designed
By gods who want us two entwined

I keep saying you can have me if you would be so inclined
I keep saying you are both the sun and moon combined
The mirrors that shimmer show a reflection well defined
Of a lovers battle in the stars 

You are here now with me 
It’s no mystery
We are melding

And now the worlds are all

Poem is mine. Image is not.

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