Beating the drums of an unfamiliar land
Walked in with feet covered in mud and sand
Blown in by the winds of creation
I ended up at the Way-Station

A lonely place devoid of life
These hollow walls defy warmth
I’m left me here without a hope
No memory of the people I’ve met before
I’m a black hole
Sucking in light and time

I hear a voice
A whisper that feels like a roar
Her voice begets new life
I feel the energy of a storm
I touch the walls
they feel warm

I reach out
but my hand swipes at cool air
Is she a ghost,
Or just the spirit of my imagination?

You never feel lonelier
Than you do after you’ve lost a friend
At the Way-Station
Last refuge of a lonely man

She’s fading in and out
Like a star in the night sky
A million light years away
But I can see her light
In my dreams
I see the trails of her star
Embers burn a path upon the land
In ethereal realms I reach out
To feel her hand

With my mind
I’ve brought her to me
To the refuge I’ve built for her
To the Way-Station

Outside of us
Worlds are born and worlds destroyed
On this dead rock we float through space
Laughing at our foolish thoughts
We radiate away from the fray
We won’t live or die
Infinite waves of space
I’m no longer just a shadow
I feel our energies collide
I feel our bodies burning bright
Begging to explode

The space debris begins to clear
I look up but she is no longer here
I close my eyes
And I feel her inside me
And I am inside her
We are floating 
Through the void of space
In the Way-Station

Poem is mine. Image is not.

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