The distance has left a funny feeling brewing
In my mind like November apples left to spoil in the sun
Sunny day Sunday has left a funny itch stewing 
A potion for you and I
Into the sky
I jump up and fly
I’m flying home to you

This distance has been gnawing in a region
I’d rather not describe this feeling anymore
The moor has this inviting
Feeling like I’ve been here before
I don’t want to suffer another day
Without you
In the sky I feel the breeze
I’m flying home to you

You’re walking around this
Distance has got us both tied in knots
Not the nautical voyage we expected 
Tearing at us the longer we neglected
I’m no longer cheering for us
In the sky my arms get tired
Tired of flying home to you

Forcing the issue left us
In tissues of ripped flesh
The daggers of distance and pitiful
Resistance is futile 
Fuck this
I’m parting the clouds
Flying home to you
I’m flying home to you

Poem is mine. Image is not.

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