A fever was burning
In time with my yearning
Worthless words that make nothing happen
Keep spilling nightly from my fingers all random

I keep looking for a new song to remind me of you
For a man without memory, what else could I do
Chords and choruses chime without soul
And I lay here awake in this burning coal

I retrace every cut
In line with the bleeding
I’m retracing events
That end with us meeting

No more faith in the faceless facades
Of the moldy old poets and their dusty old gods

I keep listening for the sounds that pound out the memory of you
My destinies wasted, what else should I do
The ink that I spill always wishes you well
But I smell my soul cooking in this living hell

You let me in here
How did I tread danger without fear
The pulsating beat of your ghostly heart
I knew I was doomed to burn from the start

I keep feeling for the truth that still lies
In the girl I knew that drowns and denies
The words that I type might be full of tripe
But I won’t let that keep me awake tonight
What else could I do
What else should I do
You know all these words are meant for you

Poem is mine. Image http://senday.deviantart.com/art/burning-skies-527284872


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