Deaths Jagged Smile

Dead lights shine in the alley.
My body freezes and sweats, see the shine in the knife that’s still in me.
The smell of my blood stings my eyes full of tears.
I try to move and confirm all my fears.
The blade stuck so deep that I feel pinned to the ground.
Blood in my ears reverberating oceanic sounds.
The clouds in my brain part, showing visions of regret and pain.
The events of my life led me here, my canvas is washed with disdain.
Looking in the sky, I see space isn’t truly black.
Stars dance before me calling me deep, floating but I’m fighting to come back.
Chills welcome me to this mortal place and also the asphalt sharp against my skin.
I see the choices I’ve made, as the world starts to spin.
I start to fade out again, my body becoming translucent.
I see deaths friendly face, jagged teeth bidding me to consent.
My problems dissolve like marshmallows in hot chocolate.
I’m beautifully numb like my first time on a drug trip.
Keep calling voice of death, drown out the shit that ravages my unhealthy soul!
Take me away, I am ready to go.

Poem is mine. Image is not.

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