Tattered Page

Emotions run so fucking crazy in my brain like a runaway train trying to explain it’s own existence
But how did your face full of grace flow like waves in my eyes that made me question how we both live our lives
The air that I’ve been breathing can you tell me when it started seething burning my lungs with the fire on our tongues
I’ll keep myself right here my soul commuting suicide slowly cause whats the point if you don’t want to be with me
Playing the songs that you say I needed in my life the whole time it seems it was you that stood on the edge of my dreams

If the end is coming why does it feel like something is just beginning a realization is dawning but maybe I’m afraid to see
I’ll keep myself right here if I can only occupy a part of your heart I’ll stay there for the rest of my life
And if my poetry lacks metaphors it’s only because I get only a few glimpses of the outdoors and usually the lights are off
Maybe these words will pacify the feelings that keep reaching to grab things that might burn my hands
But I can’t let all you mean to me be just some pages of poetry that gather dust in my old age
I want you to be a book of my life not just a tattered page


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