Here I go again righting wrongs while writing poetry to songs
Looking for the light that signals that your plight is requesting me for another night
But I find when we are talking I’m using all the words and I keep getting afraid that you’ll use them all against me one day
My chest may be breaking but at least I’m not faking and I know you know my love is for the taking
But I’m afraid I won’t see the day when things finally go my way

Should I just settle in for a long life of disappointment like I missed my appointment to the front of the line
When I got to the doorway all that they could say is maybe on your next trip but I should really get a grip 
Cause things are quite alright and I guess it will all be fine

I keep my knife in sight though cause I don’t know when I might want to go
And I would like to bleed all over everything I own even my cellular phone


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