Consumed by the danger of kissing a stranger
The cold world seems to get warmer without warning 

I look at my chest at the ribs that protected a heart unaffected
Blood it is oozing and it’s all so confusing and she’s smiling
Cause she finds it amusing

She has the knife in hand in play
Her hips have that evil sway
Or maybe it’s just the darkness of the day
No blood left in my body as it all starts to grey

Consumed by the mind trips of kissing those lips
The dead world comes to life with the cut of a knife

I look at your face that is pale cause the sun never sets rays
Your smile is fading and it’s creating a fear of me losing and then you smile
Cause you find it amusing

She has my heart in hand today
Her eyebrows have that evil technicolor way
Or maybe it’s just the darkness of the day
No love left in my heart as the world
Once again
Goes grey


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