It takes a while to find a girl with a razor blade smile that cuts you deep and makes you bleed
When you find her you will be blind to her every misdeed as she fulfills your every need

If you watch those eyes she will magnetize and before long you may realize that this path has led too deep
You’ll know too well that you have to keep cutting off your own skin just to keep her love within

She’ll say it’s just her darkness that makes her act that way but you can see the light in her when you play
Her favorite songs and how she gets excited when you sing along but the laughter doesn’t last too long

You might think that you have glimpsed a pathway and a better way through but you’re just lost in her labyrinth
She will keep you confused calling herself a muse and saying things in the night that don’t make sense

The way her body shakes you makes you give into every foolish impulse until you find you can’t feel your own pulse
The moon might shine its rays into the wounds that haven’t healed and ruined every shirt you own with blood congealed

But you are going to love her anyway trade the day for night and have a knife fight that she will win every time
Cause she knows that if there is no body they might not even be able to prove that there was a crime

Poem is mine. Image is not.


10 thoughts on “LABYRINTH

    • Mostly just through random google image searches. I try to to be creative with my search in order to find the best image that express the poem. I also try deviantart, and whenever possible I try to include original source information. Thanks for asking!


      • Lol. We’re opposites right now. I haven’t wrote anything for my blog in months. I like drawing. Can’t wait to get better. Hopefully you get more time soon.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Really? Honestly I thought you were about comics first. Seeing the poetry consistently has caught me off guard. I didn’t know you wrote music. I use to practice my song writing years ago. Writing for my favorite artists and imagine them singing it.


  1. Insanity has its own intoxicating perfume and an easy addiction for those so disposed. This is a wonderful poem and you are a wonderful poet. I too have days when I have doubts about everything I write and other days when I can’t believe I wrote something so good. What fickle creature is the mind – and emotions even more so.
    Meanwhile, combining art and poetry is an interesting challenge. I am experimenting with my words and my abstract drawings – they say if your artwork needs words it has failed in itself but, what do they know? Anyway, it’s a a challenge

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for that! Yeah I agree, so often I’ve sat down to write or draw already convinced that nothing original would flow through me only to be stunned by the final product. Completely in awe of what I’d accomplished. I look forward to making my way through your poetry and seeing your art. Thanks again, your words mean a lot.


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