What were you hiding in your pocket
Rocks or poems a knife or locket
And you hid something in your smile too
Maybe you had a secret rocket
In your backyard parked on blocks
All gassed up and ready to rock
With coordinates to a hidden planet
Possibly of mismatched socks
You hid something in your heart as well
Was it cracked like the liberty bell
Full of darkness blacker than space
Or full of love and starting to swell
The hidden knowledge of aliens
Egyptian pyramids and ray guns
Big bags full of comet dust
A book of naughty rhymes and puns
Why did you have to hide it all from me
The unknown secrets of the galaxy
Behind that grin and purple brows
A ticket to ride into infinity
What were you hiding behind those eyes
The ability to hypnotize
Travel with nothing but your mind
How to train some killer flies
Why didn’t we find that kind of trust
That isolates the both of us
Makes us gods of space and time
Leaves the cities to burn to dust
You hid it all and you kept it best
I got no further than the rest
Just another name you’ll forget

But I’ll consider myself blessed
Just another name that you’ll forget
I guess I got no further than the rest

Poem is mine, Image source Here.

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