Peacefully, I lay back in this pill bottle
Memory floating back to that golden smile
Sharpening your skills driving at full throttle
I’ll feel fuzzy warm soon but it takes awhile

Angry robots are marching in the streets
Though I really can’t remember why they came here
Funny how my fingers smell like peach
And now I’m drowning in the street light glare

I never wanted to transcend to transgress
The way the road pulsates it truly feels great
Keep on recycling in this cyclic mess
Lying to you while you’re lying in wait

Headlights of the approaching cars are encroaching
The furry seat hugs me like I’m melting
The smooth voice on the radios ripped throat from smoking
A silence and the quiet sound of you toking

Smoke fills the car like a sixties bar
The Rat Pack in back laughing at a joke someone cracks
The wheels on the car smell like explosions of stars
You stop at a shop to go in and buy snacks

The parking lot night sky opens up like an eye
Windows are down and the air chills my brain
Have nowhere to go and now I’m tempted to fly
The feelings I’m having are way to intense to explain

Floating here quietly in the passenger seat
Watching as unicorns pass us on the right
The way you’re driving with your eyes closed is pretty neat
We hit the cliff and the car takes flight

Too bad we left our wings at home
At least when we land I’ll be feeling no pain
I find the right song to die to on my phone
Then I feel your hand wake me up cause we’re home
That road trip was insane…

Poem is mine. Image is not.

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