Exit In Silhouette

Thunderous emotion
The familiar feeling of lightning cracking in my chest
Ozone breath
The taste of storm in my mouth

Show me my shadow
So I can embrace
Each disastrous moment
Since I saw it in your face
Still trying to find the word
That describes
The thunderous emotion
Bleeding from your eyes

Ground depleted
The barren valley that once was green
That once was lush
In a waking dream
Now my tongue is covered in the dirt
Of words that once healed but now hurt

Show me my sunset
So I can erase
Burning need to forget
That look upon your face
Still keep replaying the words
That made you run away
That you must have heard
In between the words I say

I keep staring at the mountains
Expecting to see the moon
Violent eruption
That signified my doom
Even with your face blank
Exit in silhouette
That was a look
I won’t soon forget



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