Is it weird that I want to hear
Instead of a eulogy and prayer
My life’s story sung not read
A musical poem for the newly dead
Don’t even write it in a book
Etch into vinyl a song with a killer hook

Smoke and drink and smile as it plays
Reminiscing on my better days
And remember all the cracks and pops
The sound as the needle drops
And to sing Mark Lanegans gravelly voice
Would be my personal favorite choice

Feels like he’d lend an air of mystery
When he sings about you kissing me
And he has the somber timber
When he sings about November
The cold shoulder of your last goodbye
I know his voice would make you cry

I know you may want to skip some tracks
When the lyrics show the cracks
Just let the record play the scene
The brightest moments happen in-between
You know there are plenty of songs
To sing about when we used to get along

How much nicer would it be
A truer way to remember me
You know my life was told in notes
Each living moment, vibrating throats
Instruments that played the tune
That warned me that you’d be gone too soon

So it seems fitting in this way
When I die let the music play
Hear the words and sing along
You could even choose a favorite song
Maybe your favorite band could cover it
And keep me alive, at least in spirit


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