I got an invitation to your house and I felt that I had
To get a look at your new life
And I’m sitting there with a full drink inside my hand
While you’re talking about becoming his wife

I’m starting to think that I am just a fool
Joking just to keep the fire from swallowing me whole
Instead of just jumping into the pool
Cause I didn’t bring my swimsuit and I have tears all in my soul

And I tell you it’s just something in my eye
Could have been a bee sting or anything
Cause babe you know that I never cry
And I left it all at home cause I didn’t know what I should bring

No one at the party even noticed when I left
I’d say I was shocked but hardly anybody even noticed I was there
Except you, and I think I felt mighty bereft
Seeing you with him kept sucking all the air from my inflatable chair

I watched your eyes as I was going to see if they would follow
Your arm in his and you guys were drunk and laughing and your mouth was lying
Cause I know your smile and that one was hiding sorrow
I could tell inside that you were certainly dying

I thought to myself that you wanted me to know
Something is amiss and I’m sure he’s keeping you down
You invited me to the party and you were hoping I would show
Because you knew there was nothing I could do but give a frown

Maybe you just were tired of feeling all alone
The choices that you made you were willing to live with them
But you were still too scared to call me on the phone
You know that life with me is mostly thorns and very little stem


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