God, these days are just so long and dangerous
I keep dropping things just to see if they will break
It all seems pointless in a world where there’s no us
So I’ll keep stealing from you until there’s nothing left to take

And I’ll sell it for a ticket on the midnight bus
I replaced your diary will you notice it’s a fake
You kept lying to my back and with a knife you carved in trust
You gambled all I had didn’t care what was at stake

Of course the wound healed badly full of yellow pus
You soaked all my bandages in arsenic for gods sake
The fantasy you play truly keeps all my love away
So maybe I’ll strap on some concrete shoes and go swimming in the lake

God, your eyes are just so big and dangerous
I carved your name in the air to see if it would stay
Even the clouds will no longer rain on us
I’m dropping wishes in your bath and they go right down the drain

Maybe my skin was never quite thick enough
You were forced to make a decision without a parachute or plane
And I’ll agree that your landing was really tough
But the blood you lost it barely left a stain

So maybe we should try again for friendship or for love
Just forget the past and let the future take another lane
Cause otherwise I might just lose the will to discuss
You could toss it in the refuse but I think there’s more to gain


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