Why do you hate me
I’m only sleeping through the worst
Only waking up for short bursts
To do some laundry or carve your face in a tree
I ask you if you have a moment for me
You say nope
Or maybe you say nothing at all
Hey, it’s not like I’m over here
Having a ball

You’re going to knife school
What do you learn there
How to cut hearts
Or how to cut hair
Maybe instead you can stay home
And take a nap with me
Always running off like you have someone to please
But while you’re out
If you figure what life’s about could you give me a shout

It used to give me thrills
Sitting here in darkness nodding on these pills
I itched to stretch and see the world
But life in monochrome
It left me disappointed
People are so damn disjointed
I just wanted my mattress and my pet rock
I think I still have some happiness
Hiding in my sock

Why do you hate me
You smile and say that you’re fine
But I know you’re drunk on cheap wine
And maybe it’s just worse being alone than being with me
I might just buy you a cake that says that
You can eat a piece before you leave
I’ll leave the rest to rot
I’ll just stay here then strumming my hair like guitar strings
Just give me a shout please if you find out what happiness brings


2 thoughts on “WHY DO YOU HATE ME

    • Yes, it’s kind of mirrors my life a little when I was in my early 20’s, though it was never pills. That emotion though of feeling like you’re too disconnected from the world, yet you’re unhappy being stuck in the dark void you’ve created. And then watching someone moving on with their life while you’re afraid to live yours just amplifies those feelings. Thanks for commenting!

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