just carry me away on waves of invisible energy
take me away from this memory
break this connection that’s become an infection
is it a wish or a psychic connection

it’s just a constant rejection

the night sky feels alive with you in the air
it aches my body to have you so near
break this connection and take me away
but whatever you do, don’t do it today

cause you’ll just leave me floating out here in the fray

lift me up into your mind and let me stay
cause you’re stuck in mine and I like it that way
just come over here and kiss me, or hit me
cause i’m tired of living in my poetry

though i wouldn’t have done anything differently

carry me away on the waves
floating like invisible emotion
weightless and shameless
in my devotion
even when the oceans grey
stings me with salt in cuts
drowning me in watery torrents
my heart it never shuts


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