you’re trapped inside an endless storm
but i’ll be here to keep you warm
i’ll be there until the clouds start to break
i’ll hold you through the nightmares
hold you till you wake

the cracks in your world just need some glue
i’ll give some of what i have to you
let the thunder crash without fear
i won’t let lightning strike you
close your eyes i’ll be right here

words have little strength in situations like this
there’s more power in a kiss
though the ground may shake beneath your feet
don’t let the fault swallow you 
don’t accept defeat

even when the sky is empty
and deathly black
i’ll shine a light
i’ll have your back
even through this endless world of decay
as the buildings start to sway
as mountains crumble into dirt
i’ll try to steal away your hurt
even as the universe collapses
and all of creation relapses
i will stretch out my hand
there’s always some safe place to land
even when you feel no light
in this crazy fucked up plight
and you feel you don’t belong
just know that you are strong
just know the light you bring
and how you make the planet sing

the way you make me feel alive when we talk
you’ll make your mark on this dusty rock
the storm has passed now, let’s go outside
the sun is out now, lets take a walk

Poem is mine. Image is not.

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