Diamonds in the Rain

The knife twists
When I see you accept
A life that
Will surely lead to regret

If you started now
You could make it to the moon
Or you could sit there bruised
It’s your life to ruin

If I could sit you down
And talk to your sweet face
I’d say you don’t need a man
They waste all of your grace

Let them look
And let them fall in love
It’s true that you’re an angel
That you’re more than enough

You have so much to gain
You’re the diamonds in the rain
Take your life in your own hands
I know all of your plans

Don’t look back
Don’t twist that knife again
Don’t take another hit
Just get away from him

Go get on that plane
It’s not running away
Just pack your knife
And pack your shades

Poem is mine. Image is not.


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