Even desire couldn’t keep the flame from flickering
Our bodies pounding wet with sweat
Eyes that closed like flowers wilting
Shook like lovers that just met

Waves that wove with each word she spoke
Secrets that made her body choke
Memories that lie in weight
Of the nightmares that she awoke

Destiny lied to me again today
Of a life that I would never live
I saw your true face as the flame began to sway
I felt like I would die as my mind started to give

The sheets like ghosts that closed around us
You moved like you had oceans in your veins
Gave yourself to me with all your trust
Closed your eyes and handed me the reigns

You lit a fire
That will burn like an ember
Your eyes close like flowers wilting
When you remember

You cut a hole
In your own heart
Your eyes start to storm like November
When you remember

Your body told your story
To a stranger
Your eyes told a lie
When you said you loved another

I’ll sleep with your memory tonight
Remembering your other worldly powers
How my heart both healed and broke
When your eyes closed like wilting flowers

Poem is mine. Image is not.



  1. Beautiful words and a beautiful image, eyes like wilting flowers! Terrific poem.
    Really ought to be “like lovers who just met” since you write of people and not things. I’ve had a lot of English teachers in my life. “that she had awoke” needs to be that she had awoken, which obviously doesn’t work. How about just “she awoke?”
    Not to be too fussy – I probably shouldn’t even mention it – but … I don’t know where you live. I live in hurricane country. The hurricane season ends November first. Ends. No more hurricanes after the first of November. Consider exchanging November with September? The worst hurricanes are often at the end of August but September storms can be pretty bad. Anyway, this has little to do with the poem which was magically woven and very successful.
    I will read more when more time comes my way.

    Liked by 1 person

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