Quiet Life

In the quiet of the night
Stars bursting in my eyes
The void opens wide to swallow me whole
I’ve packed my bags
I’m ready to go

I’ve led a quiet life
Staring from a distance at your eyes
You open your mouth to swallow me hole
I’ve cut my ties
So come on let’s go

We’ve got to be quiet tonight
Flashes of light blinding my eyes
The darkness ahead swallows me whole
I’ve got you now
I think we should go

They sent you here to kill me
Of that I am quite sure
What I was desperate for
I knew that you could cure
Please I know that I’m not much
I poison all the things I touch
They sent me to you to be your friend
They knew the whole time how it would end

Me in the shadows
To help you see the light
I’m just the rough words
That caressed you late at night
Even with my eyes off
I could see the trick
Even with my heart gone
I could feel the kick

I’ve kept so quiet in this life
Hiding all my thoughts behind my eyes
And when the time comes to lay me in my dirt hole
I’ll be saying it’s about time
I’ve been ready to go

I was just looking for a friend
I think I knew the whole time
Exactly how this would end

Me as the white noise
To help you fall asleep
Me as the flowers
To water when you weep
Me in the shadows
To help you see the light
I was the soft words
To get you through the night

   Poem is mine. Image is not.


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