The ripples of her actions
That created the tsunami
The feeling as her body
Passed right through me
On her way to another
I became a ghost
Sometimes you’re so blind
To what matters the most
The pictures on the camera
How many smiles were faked
I was so full of ideas
The majority were half baked
Like time spent in the kitchen
Naked by the frying pan
You always said when cooking
Avoid the splatter if you can
Silent whispers that I overheard
I ignored the sharks in the bed
Teeth marks in the morning
And that look I always dread
Caught you for a moment
Crawling on the ceiling
I knew you wanted out
Though I couldn’t stop believing
The things I read in books
Happy endings and such
I thought we might have got there
Too bad the middle was too much
Ladders to the stars
Built by ancient gods
Creatures from distant planets
Asleep in cryogenic pods
Mysteries I had wished
That we would someday explore
Growing old as dinosaurs
In search of something more
I know when your hearts goes
It hard to stay behind
You left me here searching
For words I’ll never find
To fill the pages glaring white
I couldn’t dream a cliche so trite
A book I’ll never write
So long, goodbye, goodnight

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