Glass Prison

Looking through the pane of glass
At cracks that displace your smile
My faded reflection makes me feel
Like I might just disappear into denial

In this new life my mind is windows
Lack of privacy to hide my thoughts
Lay down and let the negativity
Wash over me
It has me tied all up in knots

Take me into the sun and I might want
To destroy everyone with bright glares
When the lights shines on your hypocrisy
These windows seem more like mirrors

I feel the all the shards in my skin

Been breaking through these glass walls
Trying to get to you but these invisible barriers
Have been dampening your calls

What are the reasons that I can still fell your hips

And the taste of salt on your lips
I feel like you are at the end of my fingertips
This illusion breaks as my mind slips

Feel you through the glass

No longer a window to your soul
I know this trip may be the last
It’s hard watching us get old

Poem is mine. Image HERE.

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