Pink sky
Cotton candy cannibals
Playful laughter fills the haunted
The atmosphere is thick with
Stuffed teddy bears
They dance to
The beat from feet kicking
The tasteless
Dust up from the street
Heavy clouds falling to the ground
Is this fog or maybe smoke
I think back to this morning
I chuckle when I think how
I awoke
With my hands around your neck
You bring me back with a wave
When the carny pulls you on the stage
The lights glistened off your smile
Incredible how
Your overbite took the spotlight
And my only thoughts were of your teeth
Their brilliant whiteness and how
They could decorate my neck
Like a macabre wreath
You take my hand in yours
My sweaty palm reacts
The looks from the frightened children
Was there monsters on our backs
The tunnel of love
Is where you tried to kiss me
Did you feel my tongue split in two
In it’s anxious reply to you
The solitude gave me a perfect chance
To tell you 
I love you
With my blade against your cheek
Dark clouds roll in
Something wicked is
Coming this way again
I never did understand
The lie of a clowns smile
Or winning you stuffed animals
By shooting tiny ducks
You didn’t even jump
When the blue lighting struck
I never thought that I would find
Someone else
With a mind
Quite as twisted as mine
Admiring the deep red skies
We walk off 
Leaving a trail
Of blood
Into the sunrise

Poem is mine.
Image source HERE.


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