This strange physical reaction
That happens in my body
Trapped inside your eternity

A shoe-box of mementos
So untrusting of my own mind
Remembrance building like stormy seas

Each precious measurement of time

I drink your garden in
Every frozen moment
Each second like a thousand years
That I can slowly explore
Like a snowflake stuck motionless
In mid air
A single wavy flowing hair
Every stolen second
With laser focus
Intricate in detail
Every scent locked in
This mystical time capsule
I follow your ghost
Through the mazes you traveled
Every single step

As years flow by
I’m still inside
Reliving all the endless nights
I keep worrying
That these flashbacks
Are just lies

Each precious measurement of time
Just lies

And time passes like sand
Through the ghost of your hand
I try to catch grains as they fall
But I think I lost them all

And even as my hair turns grey
I know it will always be this way
Locked in this breathing retrospection
It’s all just wishful reflection

I drink your face in
Every frozen line
Each intricate crease
I can slowly explore
For evermore

Poem is mine. Image is not.

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