The Faint Scent (An Adventurer’s Tale)

You drink the days
Mouth open wide
To fill yourself
With the suns rays

I hide in shadows
And admire
The gilded curves
Of your hollows

The faint scent
Carried by the wind
Of the fresh grass you stepped on
Walking through lush mountains

The faint scent
Of forgotten cities
Carried on your skin
And on your breathless wordless lips

The faint scent of books
Lost novels on the tips of your fingers
The purest words you devoured
In hybrid fevers of delight

And all these thoughts ignite
The brilliant call of your mystery
I find that at night
It all but consumes me

The faint scent
Of distant planets
Rocky landscapes built by endless storms
You brought back strange stones
That seem to have no form

The tension breaks
With the release
Of your excited moans
Bodies melting
Fluid in time

I lie in silence
Focused on your even breath
I’m just another adventure for you
A passing moment until death

I lie in silence
No one knows how far from this world
Your brain may spend it’s days
I feel like I may have gotten
Yet still lost in the maze

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