Did I ever really get to know you
Before I caught the rocket to mars
All this time and every penny I blew
Spent all my money just crashing into stars

You kept me in your life though
I don’t think you knew what to do with me
Out here flying alone in the cosmos
I realized with certainty

I would always be
In blackness with your memory
As my company

Which planet will I land on when
You finally leave my mind
I don’t think there is a galaxy far enough away and I’ll find
My heart will always be on earth with you
On beaches watching waves crashing

Which asteroid will I crash into when
I realize it was always going to be you
And I’ve destroyed my only chance
At a life
On beaches watching the stars dance

I’m an astronaut and I’ll always be caught
Starring back at this pale blue dot
Just shoot me into a black hole
I stayed the course but where will I stop
Some barren and forgotten rock
Your memory still alive in my soul
Starring back at me when I know I’m not
Ever going home like I had thought
Never going to be whole

I’m an astronaut and I forgot
That infamy won’t last an eternity
I’ll die alone while your love
Still burns in me
Still burns in me


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