Moments Like Centuries

Drawn to what might destroy us
Feel the tension growing
The wicked way the stars start to sway
It ends with us drowning

Each moment like a century
Building up inside of me
It starts and stops and starts again
Find I’m trapped within my skin

It was just last night while I slept
Dreams of destinations out of reach
Maybe in my life I won’t see
The distant secrets that you keep

If only with closed eyes we could see
The destruction we have wrought
Tripping our way through new galaxies
Not the adventure we had thought

And tonight I will sleep
And I will dream of death
Is was only a matter of time
And in darkness take my last breath

Poem by Death by Cartoon Painting by ERIK TIEMENS Swirling Currents Watercolor/Gouache 5″ x 7″

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