I shake you off
As soon as I see you
At parties
And at dusk
When stars twinkle your name
And thoughts of you
Consume me
I notice you watching me
Eyes peering through bodies
At parties
A drink in my hand
I walk away
Go down to the basement
Colored lights and cement
Sit on an old couch
You come downstairs
I don’t have anywhere to run
Choke on my drink
And on the atmosphere
The sickly sweet smell of your shampooed hair
At parties
And at dusk
The room is full
Of mistakes and regrets
How much alcohol
Before I forget
And spend my night
With you
Watching the stars tell us our story
Twinkling in their destructive glory
It only takes one smile
Before I’m lost
At parties
The atmosphere seems ripe
With possibilities
Of you
We’ve been down this road
And it always ends
With us
Bursting into stardust


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