Dead Inside (Love Poem for a Black Hole)

I have tried too hard too find a way
To see my reflection in the black
Of your eye
Everything is dissolving
And I feel that reality is slipping
If this is really real
There is no going back
To when the stars used to shine
In our sky

And even though I’m dying now
I’m using all my will
To force the heavens to draw you closer

I can feel the moon
Floating down to meet me
Stars all tied together
Floating down to greet me
Universes contracting
Though I feel my heart is waning

Now I know I’m dead inside
That part of me was burned alive
All the patterns full of lies
The universe has come to claim me

Now I know I’m dead inside
So long since I’ve seen my reflection
In the darkness of your eye
I can feel the end
Come to greet me
The balance of the darkness 
And the light
Exist perfectly within me

Now the universe has shifted
Planets pulled out of alignment
I feel the universe contracting
And I can only hope
You’re on your way
To greet me


2 thoughts on “Dead Inside (Love Poem for a Black Hole)

    • I don’t even know how to properly thank you for your message. I’m thrilled that you enjoyed it. When I started writing it I almost gave up immediately. I really am surprised at how well it turned out, how well I was able to word this emotion. Thanks 😊


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