Blood Moon

If I could only wring these tired hands
And squeeze every impulse from them
Loose myself from all this torment
Spill myself in a rushing torrent

This slow dribbling of words
Gives me such little satisfaction
Even spilling blood on this page
Merely muffles the screams of demons

If I could only crush these darkened
Fragments of my soul
Mix them with misery and joy
Love and lust
Pain and pleasure
Despair and exultation
And forge a blade
And etch into my skin
Each word that has bore meaning to me
Each name
That shone a light on me
Even for one moment
In a flicker of a thought
In this lifetime
Than maybe I could finally let go
This weight
That has bore down on me
Laid waste to any hope

And I may pray to this blood red moon
For tonight may a be a good night
To let my demons loose


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