Untitled #10815

Like magic, he plays her favorite song
and she is drawn
into his world,
but he’s been living in hers for so long
that he known the landscape
like she knows his heartbreak,
and like a dream, she came with a smile
they dared to stare at the sun
for quite awhile,
held a kiss between them, suspended in denial
of the tragedy that lay on the horizon

Eyes like fire, eyes like lightening
a spark in the cosmos

she dreamt up a new world,
his face comes into focus, lit by her heart
his smile a reflection of her love
as planets keep spinning way up above
he know her heartbreak
like she knows his heartbeat
motionless in every moment
she is his escape from torment

Like magic, each second full of grace
thankful that life put them both in this place
this miracle, two lives meet in the void
maybe always connected somehow
in the ashes of lives destroyed


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