A Constant

I fall in
I fall out

I rise up
I sink

Where did I want this to go
What did I think

You are

Constantly in motion
In flux with each emotion
You could tell a lie
I could hear your heart
Skip a beat
Your voice waver
Your breath hesitate

I crash
I’m pulled beneath
Locked in a kiss
Till I can’t breathe
I think
I expand
I reach out
To take your hand

You’re fluid
And I’m unable
To stop this motion
To pull you closer

A constant buzzing
Of energy 
Located directly
Underneath your skin
Your eyes

See who I am
In your life
A constant

I peak
I fade
Into sonic vibrations
Echoing in your head

These fantasies
Have stolen my brain

Your skin
I can’t explain

Your heart is breaking
Your love is

Your eyes
See who I am
A constant
Echoing in your brain

Form Constant

A form constant is one of several geometric patterns which are recurringly observed during hallucinations and altered states of consciousness.


2 thoughts on “A Constant

  1. Should be “Till I can’t breathe” I think. Having taken peyote twice, without results either time, I don’t really know. However, mescaline or, god forbid, datura, have taken me to such places and I say your words are a fantastic, familiar portrayal. I particularly like “A constant buzzing Of energy Located directly Underneath your skin”. “You are Fluid” is also vivid and rings true for me. Well done!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Breathe/breath, yeah I tend to mess those up, I should have checked myself on that one for sure. Nice catch, thanks! Yeah, I’ve never had a really good trip, but I can usually rely on my dreams to take me to some pretty weird places. I’m glad I captured the essence though. Thanks again. 😊


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