Just Exploring the Empty Void

The remains of the day
Never quite dissipate
And as my mind starts to sway
I don’t feel so great
I close my eyes
And think about the void
I’m frozen
In the endless expanse
I’m just out there/in here
Exploring nothingness

And all that exists in creation
Is you
You are outer-space/inner-space
And I’m frozen
In here/out there
There are no words
There is only you

And within the wave of your hand
All things come into being
And within the vapor of your breath
Life begins
And the moisture on your lips is now my water
The dust upon your skin is now my earth
Reflection of your soul is now my sun

And within the ripple of a wave
I am crushed
And I am nothing

The remains of the day
Leaves me in pieces
And I’m just laying here 
With ripples of you cascading over me/into me
I’m outside/inside
I’m just here
Exploring the empty void


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