Dead To The Day

Is it raining again?

Interrupted thoughts caught in drips as my mind tends to flow toward her hips
Tobacco smoke swirls round my head, and the clouds in my brain starts to clear
Is it her voice I hear?
Or a ghost of her memory reflected in the mirror?

The world has lost it’s vibrant blue, even the sky seems to suffer without you
The way that the grey seems to seep into the moments I keep
The way that your hair laid on me while we’d sleep
I can still smell the soap on your skin
I breathe deep to take it all in
And then it all evaporates again

Am I bleeding again?
For it seems to take every effort I make
To hold it all in for fucks sake

I light another cigarette just to feel the burn in my lungs
It reminds me of our first wrestling with tongues
Funny how taste
And smell
Can recreate
Your own private hell

Is it still raining?

Feel like it’s lasted for 10,000 days since I felt the suns rays
or your soft gaze or your fingers light graze

If these memories don’t kill me, then maybe they’ll fill me
Is there living after love has been taunted?
Or shall I be forever haunted?

Poem by DBC. Art by Omri Koresh

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