Red Room

I glance over at you
And you look back
With the mouth of a razor
Who knew that knives could smile

The red lamp was still swinging
Trying to catch your shadow
Haze of a melting room
Escaping out of the open window

If only heaven was a place
That we could escape too
On our way out of hell
Just passing through
With my tarnished wings
I would embrace you

If only winter could freeze time
Like it turned our hearts cold
The sky a constant grey
It all ended with a fade away
Not quite the beginning we had wanted

If only the red room we lay in
Waiting for the next train
Could be the destination
Instead of the way station

We could leave our nightmares
Buried in the frozen tundra
With only the moon for a witness
Betrayal and warm summer kisses

If only for one night
In this red room
We could see our futures bright
If only for tonight

If only for tonight


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