The Secrets the Stars Keep

As senses fail us
I want to dive deep
And deeper still
And I refuse to believe
In the secrets
The stars keep

We go in circles
Haunted in our souls
Everything in the universe
Confined to patterns
It helps me sleep then
Knowing that it will all just
Go around again

I feel us getting smaller
Minimized in these lives
Smaller and smaller
As the universe expands
If you refuse to believe
It won’t stop our souls
From leaving soon
And maybe we’ll just decompose
From stardust to carbon
As a strong wind comes
And floats us back into the heavens

And we can run
But the truth will keep chasing
A tear in the fabric
A new existence
We’re facing

We float to the heavens
And if you believe
Then come with me
If you believe
Then we will unlock
The secrets
The stars keep

background winter media galaxy wallpaper


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