Love On a Battlefield

We thought we were happy
Gods creating men from scrap metal
And surprise, what happened
Shouldn’t have happened
Now we’re in a trench gritting teeth
In a battle with zeros and ones
Mechanical freaks
Wishing for lasers instead of bullets
Johnny got a saw blade through the neck
God these fucking things are quick

And by my side with fire in her eyes
She jumps and slides
Cuts one in half
Before it decides
If it is programmed or alive
She is my hero
With dark hair flowing
As the sun is setting behind her
And maybe I’m too close to see it
Or maybe I got metal shavings 
Fucking up my sight
Even with the world in plight
She is my light

We thought we were so damn clever
Lay back relax and catch some rays
Controlling slaves with a lever
Now this is how we spend our days
Isn’t funny how we are addicted to control
Isn’t it amazing
How we can’t give a machine a soul
Well I always say
Eventually all debts must be paid
And I fear we won’t be saved

Can someone put poor Johnny
Out of his fucking misery
I can’t think with all this screaming
And I can taste blood on my teeth
Instead of her kisses
That always seem to fly away 
On an unfortunate breeze

And there she is again for real
Tougher than high carbon steel
Skin so bright
And eyes like knives
I fear the end is near though
I hope she knows
I won’t fade quietly from this life
And even though the preachers dead
I’m gonna make her my wife

Made a ring for my new bride
From the guts of an RZ-16421
Braided wire from an android
That used to conspire to murder everyone
And when I search the desert and never find a tree
My warrior princess reminds me that I’m human
Even if I know I’m doomed 
And she means everything to me

Isn’t funny how we are addicted to control
Isn’t it amazing
How we can’t give a machine a soul
Isn’t it amazing how we could find love
On a battlefield of oil and blood
Of gears and flesh
Destruction and mud

Maybe there is hope
For everyone in the silence
Between the screams
Well for everyone
Except Johnny




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