Never Leaf

I might have only caught
A leaf blowing in the wind
Along came a gust
And took it from my hand
But in that moment
I felt the world below my feet
And even though it wasn’t real
It felt really neat
And it made me think of you
Like it was just yesterday
And if my memories are true
It was you who blew away
Though I started to fear
Perhaps I was the wind
And I might have shed a tear
But I felt a breeze begin
Then I lost my balance
And fell in love
With you

I hope you know
That when I sleep
I know it’s you
Sprinkling sand in my eyes
And when I dream
My voice won’t work
When I say sorry for the lies

I chased that leaf as it was carried
Far away to another world
I hope you know that for me
There will never be another girl
I chased the leaf into a dream
But it truly felt real to me
And like you said
Now I know
That everything
Is just a memory
And when I dream
That leaf is always dancing
In my vision
Just to remind me



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