The Length of a Smile

You take short trips with cool kids
To parks on cloudy days
I sit alone but I’m looking into heaven

Fake reading this book of poetry
And watching you
With them

I wanna walk to you
I could never say anything
You would forget about me

My head is held below water
Pink clouds warm with sunset
Suffocate me

I’m staring into heaven
But nothings looking back at me

I wave to trees
Throw a kiss into the sky
And swim in grass
The hills like waves

I find a place by the trees roots
To bury my heart deep
Dirt underneath my nails
Groggy with sleep

And out of the corner
Of my closed eye
See you get up to leave
Try to hide myself with leaves

Your eye finds me
I see you smile
I try to contain
The feeling of stars pulling closer
The length of your smile
Travels farther and deeper
The hills begin to roll

Such a tiny gesture
Refills my soul
I wave goodbye
You close your eyes
And wave your hair

You walk away
I could never say anything
You will forget about me





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